EIT ICT Labs PARTNER EVENT 2013, 17-18 April


Target & Focus

La Maison Internationale 17, Boulevard Jourdan, 75014 Paris, France

As a partner of EIT ICT Labs you are kindly invited to join the Partner Event 2013. Aim of the event is to target and focus on the EIT ICT Labs Business Plan 2014 and subsequently the Activities for 2014. The Call 2014 will be launched in Paris. Take the opportunity to participate in the workshops of all the action lines and learn about the result till date and see what the outlook is of the respective innovation agendas 2014. 

On the first dayWednesday April 17, the programme offers the chance to catch up with the running activities. The agenda provides workshops for newcomers to get acquainted with the EIT ICT Labs strategy, procedures and the do's and don'ts. On request you have the chance to speed dating with the Management Committee and Action Line Leaders during the networking lunch. The speed dating sessions will be followed by the launch of the Call 2014 and introductions given by all Action Line Leaders. This is the start of preparation of proposals and matching of ideas and partners in the workshops per action line. After a hard day's work you can enjoy innovations and famous discoveries at Le Musée des Arts et Métiers.

On the second dayThursday April 18, it is time to present what the Business Development Program can do for you, and to pitch in 2-3 minutes new ideas for the Business Plan 2014. 12 young entrepreneurs will present their case in the pre-round for the EIT Entrepreneurship award. The program offers inspiration through a visionary speech and you will get time to draft proposals and present your new ideas. By the end of day 2, it must be clear what the outline is for the EIT ICT Labs Business  Plan 2014 target and on what activities we have to focus on in 2014.

For partners of EIT ICT Labs only! Target & focus on the EIT ICT Labs Business Plan 2014. Network, deploy the strategy of EIT ICT labs, participate to Action Line workshops, learn new businesses, enjoy innovation and discoveries. And most of all: Get on board in time! 

Who should attend: Action Line leaders, Activity leaders (to be), Task leaders, Business developers, MC members, GA members, ESB members, Partner contact officers, Co-Location Centre staff, MarCom,...

A WARM WELCOME TO ALL REGISTRANTS. Looking forward to meeting you. Registrations are closed.


Wednesday April 17 


08:30              Doors Open - registration starts


All speeches in the main seminar hall


09:00              Pre-event session: What you should know about EIT ICT Labs

Stan Smits, COO EIT ICT Labs 


10:00              Coffee Break


10:30              Opening and State of play 

Willem Jonker, CEO EIT ICT Labs


Outcome from Partner Event in Helsinki 2012 and Introduction to the Program

Johanna Gavefalk, Marketing & Communications Director EIT ICT Labs


11:30               The 5 notions that will change the World

Gilles Babinet, Digital Champion for France at the European Commission


12:30              Lunch buffet & Speed Dating


13:30              Launch of the Call 2014  

Willem Jonker, CEO EIT ICT Labs, and Martti Mäntylä, CSO EIT ICT Labs


15:00              Introduction to Action Lines – 3 minute pitches

                       Action Line Leaders


16:00              Coffee Break


16:30              Action Lines “Poster Sessions” – start of the preparation of proposals, matching of ideas and partners for 2014

                       Join the Action Line of your choice (room change)


17:30              Wrap up (main seminar hall)


17:45              Transportation by bus to the Social Event


18:45              Social Event at Musée des Arts et Métiers – 60 rue Réaumur - Paris 3


22:30              End of the day

Transportation by bus back to “La Maison Internationale area” or private taxis/metro directly to hotels




Thursday April 18 


08:30              Doors open & Welcome Coffee


All speeches in the main seminar hall


09:00              How to use the Business Development  Accelerator

Klaus Beetz, Business Director EIT ICT Labs


10:00              Start-up pitches for EIT Entrepreneurship Award 2013, including coffee break

                       Listen to the entrepreneurs and vote for the best candidate


11:45               Smart Cities - Citizen Expectation and Orange contribution

François Richard, Director of Partnership and Regulation in "Smart Cities" Orange Business Services


12:30              Networking Buffet


13:30               Action Line Workshops – continue the preparation of proposals and matching of ideas and partners for 2014

                        Action Line Leaders (room change)


15:30              Coffee Break


16:00              Action Lines’ Conclusions - priority areas and preferred activities to focus on in 2014

                       Action Line Leaders (5-7 minutes per action line)


17:30              Closing and end of the event


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Venue: La Maison Internationale, 17 Boulevard Jourdan - Paris 14e

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Direct access from both Paris airports by train RER B, stop at Cité Universitaire, 

see: Directions and public transportation


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