EIT ICT Labs Open Online Education Workshop in Co-location Centre Eindhoven

Hands-on experience in the Online Education Platform 

In the Co-location Centre Eindhoven a workshop will be organised on 22-23 April to make a significant step forward in realising online education. The workshop is intended for EIT ICT Labs partners who consider online education as an important way forward. The workshop gives the opportunity to get hands on experience with content creation and the online platform. 

The EIT ICT Labs partners in the Online Education activity want to establish and operate a long-term sustainable programme. The creation of the online EIT ICT Labs Professional, Doctoral, and Master School has to be facilitated and will be fostered by cross-KIC collaboration on Blended and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Developments in online learning are speeding up more and more. It is not a matter if Online Learning will become the standard but when. 

The ambition is twofold. To upgrade the European workforce with top-notch ICT education and skills and a higher level of specialization. Next to this it is a focus point to develop a platform for future innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities related to high-quality online learning within Europe, and with a global audience and influence. The activity is focused on developing attractive learning content for Professional Learning, the Master School and Doctoral School. Tuning education to the individual need of a student or trainee will become more effective than in traditional learning systems. Imagine the possibility and opportunity that are going to be in reach…! 

Anders Flodström, Education Director of EIT ICT Labs, stresses the importance of online learning: “ICT education is probably the most dynamic area of education. Professional roles change faster and faster, demands on the educated workforces shift rapidly. To keep up with the pace and provide quality, online education is necessary. EIT ICTLabs wants to lead this development!”

The Online Education Activity itself was kicked-off last 10-11 March, in Brussels. Now it is time for a hands-on experience workshop using this future EIT ICT Labs online education platform. This workshop is for invitees only. The participants learn how to use the platform and how to implement courseware. 

Hands-on workshop in the Online Education Platform
From April 22 at 12:00 hrs till April 23 around 12:00 hrs. Agenda will be provided shortly. We will start and end with lunch and we will have a joint dinner in the evening of April 22 at the nearby restaurant “Van de Valk”.


EIT ICT Labs | Eindhoven Node
Co-location Centre
High Tech Campus 69 
5656 AG Eindhoven
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 88 0009344
For accommodation and how to get there go to homepage of the CLC Eindhoven
Are you interested in the Online Education activity? Contact Martijn Klabbers (, Coordinator online education.

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