EIT Digital's Health and Wellbeing Business Community @ Health and Care Innovation Expo 2015, Manchester

The Health and Wellbeing Business Community will participate at the Health and Care Innovation Expo 2015, Manchester, on 2-3 September. Expo 2015 is the main event in the health and care calendar of the UK. Hosted for the second year by NHS England, and attracting 5,000 people on each of the two days.  

The exhibition and conference event capitalises on the reputation Expo has for bringing together the people of the moment, with the industry and innovators that can, together, transform the NHS. Join, network, learn and share the ideas and innovations that will transform health and care services, now and for future generations. 

Focus on prevention

EIT Digital’s Innovation Action Line Health and Wellbeing aligns with the European H2020 objective to keep people at work for 2 more years and keep people living independently at least for 2 more years. Supporting people with ICT based solutions improve the quality of life, giving people the chance to live uncompromised, comfortable, safe, and active. This includes independent living and avoiding social exclusion at an advanced age. The primary prevention areas have the full attention where regulation barriers are less strict. The Health and Wellbeing (HWB) Business Community 2015 fit in the ambition of the action line and functions as a market place that promotes the EIT Digital Innovation activities and startups to potential buyers of innovation.

The line-up for the Expo 2015 event

HWB Business Community brings 8 companies to showcase their digital health innovations, on the UK market. At the exhibition floor: Stand N 38, you can meet these 8 companies:

Comftech (It), delivers a software platform with sensor-enabled smart textile for measurement of vital parameters. Wearable Biomedical Systems (WBS) can be defined as integrated systems on body-worn platforms capable of offering continuous monitoring solutions through the measurement of non-invasive biomedical, biochemical and physical parameters.

Finbiosoft (FI), offers an automated validation manager of clinical diagnostic tests for biotechnology and bioinformatics. It is their ambition to help customers to get their IVD assays to market faster, with less resources and with better quality.

Firstbeat (FI), technology turns heartbeat data into rich, personalized and actionable insights on exercise, stress, sleep and recovery. Firstbeats’ heartbeat data measurement with personal feedback on training exercise, is adopted in wearables of Samsung, Suunto & Garmin.

Gymcentral (It) is your personal fitness coach with high end content and social platform. A fully functional generic software platform for health-related applications. Exercising at home is not boring anymore.

Memorizon (Sw), provides an ICT-tool, based on recognized method to manage symptoms of cognitive impairment. Cognitive endurance for people with early symptoms of dementia. Decrease risk of suffering from cognitive decline by monitoring key aspects of your lifestyle (food, stress, sleep, movement).

Soma Analytics (UK), is a Swiss/German company based in London’s TechCity. It delivers a 21 day programme that is designed to increase mental resilience and reduce the risk of depression, anxiety & stress. The mental resilience programme builds on two essential pillars: your smartphone and personalised interventions.

Tinnitracks (Ge), declares the war on the widespread disease of Tinnitus that causes a constant ear buzzing. Tinnitracks is a solution to treat tinnitus; it is a technological solution that treats tinnitus by using one’s own music. The company behind the Tinnitracks product is the German startup Sonormed. 

Quick Posture (SW), is a fast an affordable 3D body scan that automatically measures posture, balance and movement control, gives instant personalised feedback and creates an electronic report - all within minutes.

Visit us: Stand N38, NHS Innovation Expo 
September 2-3, Manchester
Venue: Manchester Central

More information:

Contact: Outi Toijala

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