EIT Digital Italy launches first Demo Room to show the effects of the digital transformation


A new "demo room" will open in the EIT Digital Trento node, this week. On Wednesday April 12, director Roberto Saracco will inaugurate an area designed to showcase nine initiatives supported by the organization that are expected to have a significant impact on the lives of companies and citizens.

The demos have been selected among activities belonging to the four different Action Lines promoted by EIT Digital: Digital Industry, Digital Cities, Digital Wellbeing and Digital Infrastructure.

The CEDUS, WiseTown, and Fluxedo initiatives all provide ways for public administrations to leverage on the trove of data they produce and gather, while at the same enabling and streamlining citizens’ participation.

The focus of the Digital Industry area will be on 3D printing and smart retail with innovative technologies like the Fabtotum multi-functional 3D printer and the DRS-Core suite developed in the framework of the Street Smart Retail activity.

In the Digital Wellbeing section it will be shown how IoT and sensors are now instrumental to help doctors monitor patients, enhance athletes’ training and help injured people quickly recover their optimal physical conditions. Beast Sensor, Corehab, Mentorage and Texe are all projects and companies active in these spaces.

Finally, the AgSuite, an Internet of Things hub to seamlessly manage communication among connected objects, will be showcased in the Digital Infrastructure area.

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