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EIT Digital contributes to ICT 2015 "Innovate, Connect and Transform" programme by the organization of two networking sessions ("Innovation Ecosystems for European Big Data Economy" and "Open Innovation 2.0")and by participating in the "Digital Innovation Hubs" session.

Innovation ecosystems for European Big Data economy

Big data is creating new growth opportunities and new types of companies in different industrial segments. Europe needs to join forces to claim a share of the emerging and global business.

The agreement signed early this year by EIT Digital and the Big Data Value Association (BDVA) is meant to enable joint-efforts towards supporting big data-related entrepreneurship and skill creation. In this jointly-organised session, we focus on the challenges data-related businesses face and on the ways innovation ecosystems (should) help entrepreneurs deal with them. We will do so by presenting concrete cases of innovation ecosystems (EIT Digital’s Colocation Spaces) and the way they supported start-ups in succeeding, linking them to the emerging concept of Innovation Spaces of the BDV PPP.

Networking session: October 21, Room 5B, 09:50-10:35
For more information visit the European Commission website.

Open Innovation 2.0

Open innovation is about having no contract beforehand. It should not be interpreted as free innovation. In order for open innovation to work three things have to be in place - technical enablers have to fit with other solutions, economical enablers like incentive systems have to be available and social enablers that create a shared interest of developers in the area. In this networking session hosted by Tatu Koljonen, Node Director EIT Digital Helsinki some topics for discussion is different winning strategies and the battle of global ecosystems and local clusters of trust rather than individual innovations.

Networking session: October 21, Room 5C, 16:00-16:45
For more information visit the European Commission website.

Digital Innovation Hubs

This session explores how several different Digital Innovation Hubs contribute to the success of their members, in particular SMEs and startups, and how these hubs can become sustainable. Among the Innovation Hubs examples this session features, EIT Digital is peculiar because it a) addresses both innovation and entrepreneurial talent growth, and b) connects to other Innovation Hubs, actively contributing to their success and sustainability, e.g., FIWARE’s innovation ecosystem through the I3H initiative.

Conference track Innovate, Session 7I - Auditorium 6,October 21, 16:40-18:10
For more information visit the European Commission website.

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Live streaming is available on the European Commission website.

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