EIT Digital 'Business Opportunity Recognition - Business Modeling'

June 1-5th 2015 - Rennes Co-location Centre - France

This seminar will be provided under the supervision of Professor Frédérique CHEDOTEL, IGR/Rennes University Business School.

During the seminar, the participants will be engaged in the early stage of a new venture process, namely developing a feasible business model from a product or service idea. They will get the opportunity to develop experience-based knowledge about the initial business development process inspired by real entrepreneurs' testimonials connected to their discipline. Complementary business competences required to manage a new venture will also be covered including strategic management, project management, and marketing management.

Download here the detailed program of the course. (PDF)


EIT Digital Colocation Center in Rennes

Campus de Beaulieu, Build. 12 D - 2nd floor


The deadline for registration is May 22nd.

The number of participants is limited. Registration is binding.

Lectures, social program and serving are free of charge for the participants.


Admission is free of charge. Visiting student's expenses (travel, accommodation, etc.) should be covered by the student's home university.

For more information:

Your contacts at the EIT Digital Doctoral Training Center (DTC) in Rennes: or

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