EIT Digital at PICOM®’s first show 'New Shopping Experience by PICOM Paris 2017'

EIT Digital presents its retail innovation activities of the future by participating to PICOM®’s first show 'New Shopping Experience by PICOM Paris 2017'.

EIT Digital presents its retail innovation activities of the future by participating to PICOM®’s first show 'New Shopping Experience by PICOM Paris 2017'.


EIT Digital presents its retail innovation activities of the future by participating to PICOM®’s first show 'New Shopping Experience by PICOM Paris 2017' on November 23, 2017 in Paris

  • 4 retail innovation activities and 1 scaleup will be on booths 2 to 5
  • Guillaume Toublanc, EIT Digital Director France, will take part in the opening press conference

"EIT Digital is a natural partner in the digital transformation of retail players. This is the reason for our presence at the 'New Shopping Experience by PICOM Paris 2017' event. We are showcasing some concrete innovations in which we co-invest with our partners, to demonstrate our ability to stimulate European collaboration to increase customer satisfaction, margins and productivity in this highly competitive field" explains Guillaume Toublanc, France Director of EIT Digital.

Key player in the shopping of the future, PICOM® has developed its strategy based on short and medium-term ICT opportunities to trade anywhere and at any time. The unity of place and time that has characterized trade for a very long time is now about to be broken by a double transformation: the hybridisation of forms of commerce and the desynchronisation of the stages of the purchase journey.

Innovation Activities of EIT Digital Digital Industry Action Line will be:

STREET SMART RETAIL - SPACEIFY: Improved Omni channel shopping experience
Street Smart Retail has developed Digital Retail Suite, which collects and analyses customer data in Omni-channel real-time. It allows merchants to personalise them in-store experiences to increase sales, conversion rates and retention rates. Spaceify is a Helsinki-based start-up that specialises in customer engagement in physical retail. Their vision: low threshold entry, automation and mobile payments are brought from the web to Brick & Mortar stores. The two entities are working together to optimise the shopping experience by combining convenience of digital services and the real physical store.

ALFSTORE - CAB: Product Analytics for Brands
CAB is a customer intelligence service that captures and analyses both "in-use" connected product data and user comments and ideas from the co-authoring platform. CAB gives brands unique insights into customer needs and journey experience to increase success rates and optimize the design of new products and marketing strategies.

VIRTUAL SHELF MAP - AIKEET: Automatic mapping of changes in retail, factory and logistic shelves
Virtual Shelf Map detects changes to the physical layout of a shelf and generates detailed product display data to guide robots picking up or filling items on the shelves. The information can be used to save labour costs and optimise logistics and sales.

AR4Omnisales - VIVIDWORK
Development of Omni-channel approach to utilise AR (Augmented Reality) technology and Machine X Vision product recognition as new UX (user) experience for consumer. Use cases will focus on connecting online digital experience and physical shop experience in a new seamless sales approach, with the use of AR capabilities.

Campaign Management and Promotion Software for retail. Finnish scaleup solutions that analyses the performance of sales campaigns, understands the performance of historical campaigns, including uplift, cannibalisation, impact on traffic, vendor support, etc., allowing to stop margin destruction activities and generate new promotional offers. The solution optimises the promotional offer by recommending the correct software selection and by better managing the promotion process

Venue and registration

Picom New Shopping Experience Paris
November 23, 2017 from 9AM to 7PM at 21 Boulevard Haussmann 75008 Paris

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Digital Industry Action Line

The Digital Industry Action Line covers the seamless process from production to retail and the related supporting functions such as logistics and consumer engagement. The mission of the Action Line is to improve efficiency in production and retail, to better address customer needs, and to help save natural resources in manufacturing and logistics. Within this value chain, a large amount of data and knowledge is produced and shared. This data has an increasing share of the value of the whole business domain.

Our approach

The Action Line targets value creation from big data collection, aggregation, analysis and visualisation services (and their enabling technologies) for decentralised production management covering the complete product lifecycle: design, simulation, production, operation, consumption, maintenance, and consumer relationship frameworks.

Value creation may also be achieved from dynamic and flexible Omni channel solutions for all kinds of commerce - physical, online or blended - which enable the seamless consumer experience in exploration, in choice of products, payment and delivery, as well as collection and analysis of consumer trends and insight for logistics, retail operations and customer relationship management.

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