EIT Digital Academy Winter School Eindhoven

Winter School 2016, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Under great time pressure, newly enrolled students of the EIT Digital Master School in the Netherlands have to come up with an entrepreneurial business case based on a technology that startups or partners of EIT Digital present. The international students only have one week. And only one team can win in this Dutch Winter School of the EIT Digital Master School.

The Winter School takes place from Monday February 6 to Friday February 10 and is meant for students of the EIT Digital Master School at the Dutch partner universities.

In the Winter School more than 50 international students will be coached by the business coaches and lecturers Akos Wetters and Peter Langela. Also the students will profit from different lectures about innovation and entrepreneurship to inspire and educate students for their challenging business case.

Business Case

For the business case, the various student teams will work on real case scenario's from Dutch EIT Digital's partners and startups. They first have to form project teams. An extra exciting component is that students all have different backgrounds in education, nationality and culture. So they have to find very quickly what the common grounds and the mutual goals are to win this business case challenge as one team of equals. On Friday February 10, they will have to pitch their business case to a professional jury. Only one team can win.

Learning Goals

The students learn a lot in this week about innovation and entrepreneurship. They learn how to form teams, how to overcome differences, how to brainstorm about solutions, how to make a business case and how to pitch. This is according to Patrick Hartigan, "a first step in helping technical oriented students to become Europe's digital innovators and entrepreneurs of the future".

EIT Digital Master School

In the Winter School students of the EIT Digital Master School will be fully submerged into all aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship. The EIT Digital Master School is open for all European students who meet the demanding selection criteria. If selected for one of the eight programmes of the Master School, students study at two different technical top universities in Europe and receive upon completion two master school degrees plus a certificate of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). Dutch universities who are partner of EIT Digital are the Eindhoven University of Technology, Delft University of Technology and the University of Twente.


For the international students of the University of Delft and Eindhoven the Winter School is mandatory and upon successful completion they can gain a credit. Students in the EIT Digital Master Programme at the University of Twente have an alternative way of earning this credit for this Innovation and Entrepreneurship component of the EIT Digital Master School.

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