EIT Conference Youth and Entrepreneurship - Drivers for Innovation

Date: 19-21 October 2011

Place: Krakow, Poland


Supporting entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial education is central to the EIT's mission. We aim at fostering innovation in terms of new products and services, through new business creation or within existing companies as well supporting entrepreneurial talent.

The EIT conference Youth & Entrepreneurship - Drivers for innovation will bring together entrepreneurial students with entrepreneurial role models, representatives from the EIT and KIC's (knowledge and innovation community) community, academia, businesses and policy makers to interact in an open, creative and inspirational way.

Discussions will focus on various fields of importance for future entrepreneurs, such as developing ideas, transforming them into a business and securing access to finance. Students will be offered the opportunity to learn from inspiring role-models about what it takes to be an entrepreneur. They will also get more insights on EIT and KIC entrepreneurship and education activities.

EIT ICT Labs representatives together with 15 students from our partner universities are actively involved in the conference programme. We also have a booth where you can learn more on our activities.


Online registration and programme

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