E2E Energy Consumption Metrics Workshop

E2E Energy Consumption Metrics Workshop is organised on 30-31 March at the Helsinki Co-location Centre.

The goal of the workshop is to discuss metrics and workloads for optimising end-to-end energy consumption. The workshop consists of presentations and discussions. We are soliciting talks about energy consumption metrics, workloads, and benchmarking environments.

A succesful outcome of the workshop is a white-paper that identifies the main challenges ahead, and also tries to define an initial set of metrics and workloads that can be used in the research activity. The workshop is also a good opportunity to discuss and compare benchmarking environments that the EIT ICT Labs partners have available.

Presentations include:

  • State-of-the-Art on Benchmarking Energy-aware Infrastructure by C. Niephaus, K. Jonas et. al.
  • Receiver Coding Gain in DVB-H Terminals Using Application Layer FEC Codes by J. Björkqvist
  • Cost and Energy Reduction with ARM Based Web Servers by S. Lafond
  • Power modeling of mobile devices by M. Siekkinen
  • Measurements of the energy-consumption of mobile phone services by J. Nurminen
  • Overview of Research on Energy Efficiency at Aalto, Department of Communications and Networking by A. Penttinen
  • Impact of femtocells on cellular system energy consumption by M. Jada
  • Offloading techniques for mobile energy optimization by S. Tarkoma

The event starts at noon on 30 March and ends at 3pm the following day.

If you would like to participate to the workshop, please, contact Matti Siekkinen

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