Digital Identity (Helsinki)


Thursday, 24 October 2019
12:00 – 16:00 EEST
EIT Digital Helsinki CLC
Maarintie 6 B (2nd floor),
Espoo, Otaniemi 

Join our Digital Identity Networking Event at EIT Digital to learn more and to discuss digital identity with European experts!

In a highly digitalized community, business or society, the digital identity is the key enabler of successful transactions. From banking, to payment, all the way to identification for new services, that need the trust of the identity, the challenge of security remains.

For public authorities, the key challenge in the next years will be to create harmonious digital bonds that secure the relationship between new mobile identities and wider society.

Who will be the providers of digital identity and what technical enablers are the most promising? What is the European approach to manage digital indentity?

Come to our Digital Tech Networking Event in EIT Digital to discuss with European experts your view about the digital identity.


12:00 Lunch and networking

13:00 Introduction to EIT Digital, Marko Turpeinen, Node Director, EIT Digital

13:15 EIT Digital Innovation Factory, Petri Liuha, Innovation Leader, EIT Digital

13:40 Keynote: Distributed Digital Identities and Findy, Markus Hautala, Head of Blockchain Center of Excellence at Tieto

14:10 Coffee and networking

14:30 Ideation & Discussion

15:00 Keynote: The role of digital identity in mobile security solutions, Juha Eskelin, Head of SafeMove products at Bittium

15:30 Networking

16:00 Event ends

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