Digital Cities EIT ICT Labs at California France Forum CaFFEET 2012

The concept of the ‘smart’ city has been around for a long time and there are many ‘smart’ city projects underway around the world. However, the deployment of ‘smart’ technologies is not cheap and therefore a key question for every city is whether being smart adds significant value. The aim of this conference, which brings together policy makers, industrialists and academics from the US and Europe, is to tackle this question by discussing How Smart City approaches can be used to increase city attractiveness and city resilience?

On that topic the Action Line Leader Khaldoun Al Agha will explain about Citizen Centric for Digital Cities and European Policies.  An impressive line-up of policy makers, government officials, industrial groups, start-ups and academic researchers will discuss these questions and in plenary sessions, will work with participants to start to define the real value of the ‘smart’ technologies to the world’s cities in the 21st century.

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