Digital chain from Farmer to Plate

UPDATE: Due to the Covid-19 situation in the Netherlands, the Dutch government published further measures that affects all events. For this reason, the event is postponed to a future date (to be confirmed).

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Datum: 19 March 2020
Tijd: 14:15 - 15:00
Location: Martini Plaza, room 12B, Leonard Springerlaan 2, Groningen, The Netherlands


Can platform technology solve problems in the food chain? That is the key question to address in the session that Patrick Essers, managing director EIT Digital Benelux and Lydia Lisa Meijer, senior computer scientist at TNO will address during the Dutch national conference Nederland Digitaal.

The Dutch Digital Conference will be held in Groningen from 16 through 19 March 2020. It brings together businesses, the scientific community and the government who together need to work cooperate to the emergence of new ideas. Representatives from different backgrounds exchange knowledge and join forces to manage the rapid technological developments that are rapidly transforming Dutch society and the economy. The final day of Nederland Digitaal day on 19 March is organised by the ministery of Economic, ministery of Interior affairs, and the ministery of Justice and Security.

Essers and Meijer speak at the last day, 19 March about the digital transformation of the food chain. They give an image of what lies ahead in the digital chain collaboration. What are the ideas of the internet generation about the digital food chain? How will the digital transformation between organisations and the digital government look like? And what would be the role of Artificial Intelligence and cybersecurity be? And what can other sectors learn from the digital transformation of the food chain?

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