Data collection: Do we store too much data?

An EIT Digital Tech Networking Event.

Today companies are hearing on the one hand about Big Data and the 'magic of unleashing the power of data with AI', on the other hand about GDPR and legal restrictions of handling large amounts of personal data. But do they, in reality, already have enough data? Too much data? And would a green approach be possible? Join us to discuss this fascinating topic with our experts and be part of the debate!

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09:30 - Registration/coffee
10:00 - Short introduction by Guillaume Toublanc (Node Director - EIT Digital France)
10:05 - Introduction by Christophe Favart (Innovation Leader Digital Tech - EIT Digital)
10:20 - Keynote by Simon Gazikian, CEO of MyDataModels, about “Small data, how to extract value from this undeveloped gold mine?”
10:50 - Q&A session
10:55 - Keynote by Oscar Roberto Bastos, Research Engineer - IMT-Atlantique, Campus of Rennes, SRCD Department – IRIS Team (Cybersecurity)
11:25 - Q&A session
11:30 - Keynote by Théophile Gros, Business Developer at Ellipsys, about "Mastering your data, and reducing your IT debt - 2 necessary conditions to move forward!"
12:00 - Q&A session
12:05 - Round table discussion moderated by Christophe Favart
12:35 - Networking lunch


EIT Digital Colocation Centre
23 Avenue d'Italie
75013 Paris

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