Computer as Social Actor (CASA) Workshop 2013

The workshop aims at discussing challenges associated with “Computers as Social Actors” by addressing the development of technological components, design methodologies, and the adoption and take up of CASA solutions and services. The main emphasis is to exploit many different human-machine and human-human interaction technologies and methodologies addressing several different concrete scenarios. By discussing different approaches to social actorship deployed in concrete systems presented at the workshop, the aim is to identify key characteristics of social actorship. 

The CASA Workshop will focus on three main areas of investigation: theory, practice and market. Topics of the workshop:

  • Theoretical aspects of CASA related to other fields of research (AI, Interaction Design,…)
  • Design and evaluation of technology for CASA
  • Demonstration of CASA systems
  • Ethical issues related to CASA systems
  • Applications for the market and relevant indications for companies

The workshop is a continuation of the EIT ICT Labs Activity 2012 "Computers as Social Actors".

Date: Augst 28th, 2013
Location: Edinburg, UK

For programme and more information about the workshop see: CASA Workshop 2013

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