CLC Eindhoven meets Burton Lee, Expert on Entrepreneurship & European - Silicon Valley innovation ecosystems

Sillicon Valley

Burton Lee

Meet Dr. Burton Lee, Entrepreneurship ‘guru’ and recognised expert on European and Silicon Valley innovation ecosystems. 

EIT ICT Labs has the pleasure to invite you for a meeting with Dr. Burton Lee, PhD MBA - Burton Lee is entrepreneurship ‘guru’ and a recognised expert on European and Silicon Valley innovation ecosystems who brings unconventional approaches to the development and assessment of innovation policy and economics.

When: Thursday 3 April, 11:00 - 14:00 hrs
Venue: EIT ICT Labs Eindhoven, High Tech Campus 69

Burton Lee is a technology venture finance, innovation, entrepreneurship and design industry professional with 15+ years entrepreneurship, senior management and technical leadership experience in seed-stage investment; venture-backed startups; major global technology corporations (GE, HP, Daimler); government executive service; STI & economic development agencies (NSF, NIH, NASA, European Commission); & top research universities. He is a frequent public speaker in Europe, Latin America, Washington DC & Silicon Valley. 

Based in Silicon Valley, Dr. Burton Lee lectures and conducts research on European Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Stanford School of Engineering. Burton concurrently serves as Managing Director of Innovarium Ventures. As such he provides senior strategic, financial & technical leadership and advisory services to the global innovation sector, including high tech startups; private equity, VC investment funds and seed- & early-stage investors; accelerators & incubators; technology & manufacturing corporations; S&T parks; and regional & national government STI agencies. Relevant policy experience includes science, technology & innovation policy & programs for national/regional governments, Prime Ministers & Democratic presidential candidates. He has an exceptionally strong international background with deep innovation, entrepreneurship, design, economics, technology & STI programs & policy experience. 

EIT ICT Labs Startups, students, business developers and inhabitants of the High Tech Campus. Seize the opportunity to meet and share ideas! 

Programme Meet & Greet Burton Lee:

11:00- 11:10 hrs 
Welcome & Introduction by Willem Jonker (CEO EIT ICT Labs) and Patrick Strating (Node Director Eindhoven)

11:10 – 11:30 hrs 
Introduction Business Development Acceleration by Dolf Wittkämper, Reinder Haakma (Philips) on the EIT ICT Labs activity Personal Health and Bas van den Heuvel van startup Proxible 

11:30 – 12:00 hrs 
Innovation & Entrepreneurship according to EIT ICT Labs Master School: Master School students teaming up with startups and starting an own enterprise

12:00 – 13:00 hrs : Dr. Burton Lee: keynote

13:00 – 14:00 hrs : networking lunch with vitamin juices- health shakes

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