Business Modelling Module for Doctoral Students

EIT ICT Labs' doctoral students are invited to participate in the Business Modelling module of the Doctoral School in ICT Innovation organised by the Helsinki Doctoral Training Centre. This module is part of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship education that EIT ICT Labs offers to the doctoral students in our partner universities.

The objectives of the course are to illustrate how to build a new international business entry from a business idea or an early stage business. In the first part, participants will work on small groups with already existing business cases and learn to refine the them to such a point that they can start international growth. In the second and third part, participants will learn how to start a real business from a business idea of their own.

The first part of the course (15 April - 20 May 2014) is organized together with Aalto Ventures Program as their course "Growth and Internationalization of Technology SMEs". The lectures are once a week on Tuesday evenings (at 16-19 GMT+2) at the Helsinki Co-location Centre of EIT ICT Labs (Otaniementie 19B, Espoo). Participants from can also take part via videoconference.

The second part will be organized as an intensive module in Helsinki in the first week of September, 2014 and the final part as a 2 day intensive session in late September - early October (the exact timing to be decided together with the participating students).

There are assignments between 1st and 2nd part and 2nd and 3rd.

Please register, registration link, by 8 April, 2014.

For more information, please contact Jussi Autere:
Phone: +358 400 422 565

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