Business Model & Development course in Stockholm

The Business Model & Development course in Stockholm welcome students from the EIT ICT Labs Doctoral School and Doctoral Training Centres. 

To make it easier for all to be able to join the course have now been rescheduled and limited to 3 on-campus education blocks. In parallel there is a major business development group assignment. Member of each group do not have to come from the same DTC, as the work is planned to be possible to perform being at separate locations. 

The new dates for the 3 on-campus blocks in Stockholm are:
• October 21st to 25th (lunch to lunch)
• November 11th to 15 (lunch to lunch)
• February 5th to 6th (full days)

Additional information, cases, pre-assignment etc. are/will be posted at the course blog or contact Martin Wendel, Indek, KTH

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