Big Data Seminar Series


Fabrizio Antonelli, Telecom Italia - SKIL, will be giving a seminar at the Trento CLC. The topic addressed is relevant to areas like Smart Spaces and Digital Cities. The talk is part of Big Data Seminar Series organised by Trento Rise

Date: 20.11.2012 (12:30-13:30)
Location: EIT ICT Labs, Via Sommarive 18 - Northern Building - 1st floor 

Big Data is becoming a buzz word for every large organization, but leveraging Big Data is not only a matter of technology, is a change of mindset for most of them. The seminar will present the opportunity and the risks in the adoption of Big Data strategies from the point of view of a Telco operator.
Fabrizio Antonelli earned his master’s degree in Computer Science at the University of Torino. His work experience started at Tilab - Torino, the research center of Telecom Italia, focusing on text based recommender systems, text classification systems and knowledge representation and reasoning mainly based on semantic networks. The main projects he was involved in are DynamicTV, a platform for a personal interactive TV, and PIEMONTE project, an innovative framework for supporting the web of intelligent things in the food and tourism context. He currently leads the Semantics and Knowledge Innovation Lab of Telecom Italia in Trento whose goal is, along with the academic and industrial partners of the Italian KIC ICT Labs in Trento, to develop technologies for semantics and knowledge lifecycle management to be applied on the Telco business areas.
Contact Person: Sandro Battisti

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