B2B sales training for start-ups

EIT ICT Labs Helsinki and Mercuri International, one of the world's top sales training companies, presents:

2-days training on: "How to make your B2B sales goals reality"

The training is fully booked.


26th-27th November


EIT ICT Labs Helsinki, Finland

Target Group of the training:

  • This training is only for start-ups that belong to the EIT ICT Labs business development accelerator. By invitation only.
  • Leaders and employees of ICT start-up companies who are looking at improving the way their products, services or solutions are offered and sold to their existing and/or potential customers.


Objectives of the training workshop is to help participants create organic growth for their companies through increased professionalism in the field of sales.

Main learning points include:

  • What are the main steps of a successful B2B sales process and how to succeed in each step.
  • How to plan company’s sales activities in a way that maximizes productivity in sales.
  • How to better understand customers’ needs, wants and expectations.
  • How to make and present unique value propositions.
  • How to close more business deals.
  • How to systematically build and strengthen company’s customer portfolio
  • How to manage one’s own working time in order to generate enough sales activities.
  • How to plan company’s sales activities in a way that maximizes productivity in sales.
  • How to make sales appointments.

The final content of the training will be tailored based on a questionnaire that Mercuri will send to all nominated participants.

Mercuri International has for the third consecutive year been selected one of the Top 20 Sales Training Companies globally by

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For more information, please, contact Outi Toijala, Business Developer at EIT ICT Labs

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