Artificial Intelligence – Curse or Blessing? (Stockholm)

Artificial Intelligence

In recent years, major progress has been made in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and increasingly advanced technologies have been developed. Nowadays, AI can be applied in different sectors, leading to the evolution of various activity areas and the development of smart societies. But how should we look at AI – Is it a curse or a blessing? What is the significance of AI for society and business and what problems may occur? What can we expect for 2020?

Our expert, Anne Håkansson, will provide her views on AI, its strengths and potential pitfalls, as well as application areas. Her presentation is of interest both to those already acquainted with the area and newcomers.

Anne Håkansson is an Associate Professor and Senior Lecturer at KTH’s School for Information and Communication Technology. She has over 25 years of research experience in different AI-related areas. Anne has applied AI technologies to Cyber-Physical Systems, Infrastructure and Reasoning, and has worked with connecting human senses to AI systems (AIC systems).


Date: September 27
Time: 15:30
Place: Elevator C, 3rd floor, EIT
Digital Sweden, Electrum, Isafjordgatan 26, Kista

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