ALVAR Tutorial

Venue: Otaniementie 19 B, 1st floor meeting room A115

As part of The Information Toolkit activity, the developers of ALVAR are organizing an ALVAR Tutorial. The all-day session will consist of an introduction to Augmented Reality followed by a hands-on tutorial. The invitation is primarily open to students and researchers who would like to obtain hands-on experience with Augmented Reality.

ALVAR is a software library for creating virtual and augmented reality (AR) applications. It offers high-level tools and methods for creating AR applications with just a few lines of code. ALVAR has been developed by the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and is released under the terms of the LGPL. 

The developers of ALVAR will be present to give an introduction to augmented reality followed by a hands-on tutorial. The introduction will include a brief overview of AR terminology, some basic theory, application examples and many videos. The hands-on tutorial will include an overview of the ALVAR SDK, a step by step guide of getting the ALVAR SDK installed and configured for development, a live showcase of samples and demos, as well as a live coding session demonstrating how to implement two moderately complex AR applications. Participants are encouraged to bring their webcams and laptops for the hands-on tutorial. 

Agenda Wednesday 20 November

9:00-10:00 AR Overview 
10:00-11:00 AR Theory 
11:00-12:30 Break 
12:30-13:00 ALVAR Overview 
13:00-14:00 ALVAR Demo 
14:00-17:00 ALVAR Tutorial 

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