Action Line Health and Wellbeing Pre-call 2016 workshop

Boosting the quality of life by accelerating ICT Innovation

The EIT ICT Labs Action Line Health and Wellbeing organises a Pre-Call 2016 workshop to support the expected launch of the EIT ICT Labs Call 2016 (mid-March). The aim of the workshop is to distil input and convert the goals as has been set in the Strategic Innovation Agenda (SIA) into well defined, feasible proposals.

The Pre-Call 2016 innovation workshop will take place on 26 February 2015 in the Co-location Centre Eindhoven, the Netherlands. It will be followed up by a post Partner Event workshop on Friday 17 April 2015 in Trento. Proposers of the EIT ICT Labs partners are welcome to join, meet and match ideas, partners and activities leading to a balanced quantity of project proposals for the 2016-2017 timeframe. To increase the chance of success one must realise that the SIA is a leading principle in making plans for 2016.

Below you find the draft Agenda for 26 February. Jean Gelissen, Action Line Leader Health and Wellbeing will give an introduction. Filip Coenen, EIT ICT Labs Business Developer will present an overview and introduction on the companies of the Health and Wellbeing Business Community and the opportunity for collaboration. Next you have the chance to present potential Health and Wellbeing activity ideas for 2016. In the registration form you can indicate if you want a timeslot. After the lunch we will break out in multiple groups to discuss the potential 2016 AL HWB activity ideas. We will end the workshop with a networking drink with ‘bits and bites’.
REGISTER for the Pre-Call workshop of the Action Line Health and Wellbeing on 26 February.

For logistic reasons you are requested to register before 16 February 2015.

Venue: EIT ICT Labs Co-location Centre Eindhoven
High Tech Campus 31
5656 AE Eindhoven
The Netherlands

Agenda for the Pre-Call Workshop on 26 February:

09:30 Welcome and coffee
10:00 Short intro on EIT ICT Labs and the Action Line Health and Wellbeing (AL HWB)
10:15 AL HWB 2015 project portfolio overview
10:25 2015 Call process highlights
10:30 AL HWB Business Community SME Members overview
11:00 The floor is yours ... presentation of your ideas with focus on one of (or both) priorities with maximum societal and economic impact (15 5' slots)
12:30 Lunch
13:15 Continuation of the presentation of your ideas (12 5' slotes)
14:25 Split into multiple groups to discuss potential 2016 AL HWB activity ideas
14:30 Group discussions
15:45 Plenary feedback of the breakout groups
16:00 Networking drinks & bites
17:00 End of meeting

Supporting Documents:
> short SIA
> presentation template

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