13th International Conference on e-Learning 2018

EIT Digital, Sorbonne University

"It is all about change management"

EIT Digital and its partner Sorbonne University are to present a paper on blended learning at the 13th International Conference on e-Learning (ICEL) 2018. Their paper is titled Change Management: Blended learning adoption in a large network of European universities. The conference is held from 5 July - 7 July in Cape Town in South Africa.

EIT Digital has, together with 18-20 top technical partneruniversities across Europe, been working for over three years on developing blended education. In these years, EIT Digital has built an international community of Innovation and Entrepreneurship teachers at master's level by implementing a blended learning strategy.

"e-learning has been an enabler for developing pedagogical cooperation in our network of universities with a real impact on quality. It is a key part of a methodology we developed to achieve deep pedagogical cooperation within our Innovation and Entrepreneurship education community, leveraging the richness of our European network. It is all about change management. This methodology is relevant in situations where cooperation in education is an instrument for change", says Frédéric Renouard, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Education lead at EIT Digital.

At the ICEL, the paper will be presented by two of the authors: Guillaume Dion, Agoranov (Paris, France) & EIT Digital and Prof. Jean-Michel Dalle from the Sorbonne University (Paris, France) & Agoranov. Dalle will also be chairing a workshop on the teacher's role. Other co-authors are Renouard and authors from Aalto University (Helsinki, Finland), Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain), Università di Trente (Italy) and KTH (Stockholm, Sweden).


ICEL 2018 will be held for the thirteenth time, each year a different country is hosting the event. This year the conference is being held at The Cape Peninsula University of Technology and the Conference Chair is Prof Eunice Ivala, Associate professor and Coordinator Educational Technology, Centre for Innovative Educational Technology at Cape Peninsula University of Technology. In previous years the confers has amongst others been held in Malaysia, Chile, Hong Kong and The Bahamas.

More information on ICEL 2018, the rates and the programme are to be found at the academic-conferences website.

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