DeepHack: AI - High Performance Computing

Join the Challenge introduction webinar on 21 April to get more information and prepare for the event.

EIT Digital, together with the Open Edge and HPC Initiative (OEHI), is organising a DeepHack to facilitate the development of a strong AI ecosystem.  

This DeepHack targets startups, SMEs and industrial users who are either new to ARM and Huawei Ascend AI ecosystem or looking to improve their application’s performance and scalability.  

They will be provided training and support to port and optimize their software on the HACIGU cluster, a cluster owned and hosted by Goethe University of Frankfurt, which offers both scientific and industrial users a High-Performance Computing (HPC) and AI ecosystem. 

The cluster contains 28 Taishan servers, one Atlas training computer, one Atlas Inference node, high speed interconnect and high bandwidth storage to cater to the demands of most AI applications. 

Participants are invited to bring their application’s use cases and take advantage of Huawei's full-stack, all-scenario AI solutions to create innovative solutions they wouldn’t be able to develop without access to this HPC cluster. 


The best teams will be awarded:

How to join?

Apply for the DeepHack at: https://ultrahack.org/ai-hpc   


This initiative is organised by EIT Digital and the Open Edge and HPC Initiative (OEHI).

Companies supporting the event

Application deadline

10 May 2022, midnight CET

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Co-Funded by the European Union