Maarten Gijssel of IDRO to speak at the University of Antwerp

IDRO aims to become a global leader in the field of wearable biochemical sensing. Founded as a spin-off from KTH University in Stockholm, Kinetic Analysis, a Dutch data science company and EIT Digital, they have been established in Brussels since 2020. 

Maarten Gijssel, Managing Partner of IDRO, will share IDRO's startup journey to the engineering students at the University of Antwerp on the 7th of May. The University has a program called ‘The Company' where students gradually set up a company together with their fellow students. They are tasked with developing a (technical) product, setting up a business structure to sell the product and finally try to achieve a financially profitable result. They will hear first-hand from an EIT Digital entrepreneur what they should be aiming for to build a successful company. 

IDRO provides insights into real-time lactate values from monitoring sweat and, in the summer of 2021, their smart sweat sensing patch will be available to purchase for a B2B market. 

The beachhead market is elite athletes that use lactate measurements to optimize their training schedules. Besides sports, the lactate sensing patch is used to early detect pressure ischemia (decubitus) and other medical conditions.  

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