Executive Course: Digitalisation and Industry 4.0 in Food Processing

Consumer and societal pressure like customisation and sustainability are putting pressure on the margins of the food processing industry. Digital transformation therefore becomes of primary importance. But, there is a lack of skilled people to make that happen. This is why the research institute in the food and drink industry Campden BRI-Hungary, together with the National Research Council of Italy (CNR) and ELTE Faculty of Informatics developed for EIT Digital Professional School the executive course Digitalisation and Industry 4.0 in Food Processing.

This executive course Digitalisation and Industry 4.0 in Food Processing provides learns to master the skills it takes to improve process control and production at reasonable costs. You will develop an overview of the basic aspects, possibilities and limitations of the application of digital and Industry 4.0 solutions. Furthermore, you will understand the basics and trends of consumer needs and customer requirements in the Food Industry. Become a pioneer of Food Industry4.0 and the digital revolution of the food chain.

This course provides background knowledge and hands-on trainings on

  • Why do we need to implement Industry4.0 in food processing?
  • Introduction to Industry 4.0 and digitisation
  • Introduction to the operation, needs of the food processing industry
  • Management process of developing new products and processes
  • Industry 4.0 and digital techniques
  • Business applications
  • Group exercises in transdisciplinary teams on identification of needs and potential solutions

Key take aways:

  • Learn about the new possibilities and enablers of digitalisation and Industry4.0
  • Learn how to identify new opportunities in improving the performance of food processing operations and overcome the food industry-specific barriers
  • Real-life demos and exercises to gain hands-on experiences about the implementation of novel solutions in food processing
  • Apply your knowledge to lead the digital transformation of the food industry

For who?

Key in this masterclass is that it brings together ICT providers and food business leaders to find digital solutions for actual food processing issues together.

  • Future I4.0 managers of food companies, who will be aware of the enabling functions and application opportunities of the I4.0 solutions in the food industry
  • R+I staff of I4.0 and digital solution providers -who will understand the needs of the food industry.


The master class contains an online course module and a two days intensive online training to cover all relevant topics of digitalisation in the food industry. During the online training workshop, you will encounter real-life demos and exercises to gain hands-on experiences about the implementation of novel solutions in food processing.


After attending the course, participants receive a joint digital certificate of participation from EIT Digital and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

*If the course is already fully booked, or if you are not available, you can book your seat for the autumn course:

When: 28-30 September
Location: Online preparation, training is aimed to be held in Budapest.