EIT Digital Internal Newsletter - June 2018

EIT Digital Internal Newsletter - June 2018


EIT in Horizon Europe

Over the past months DG EAC, the EIT and the KICs have been active to secure a good position for the EIT in the next Frame Work Program (FP 9).

The EIT submitted a very ambitious Strategic Plan (5.8B) and DG EAC presented various scenarios from keeping the budget flat (2.4B) to almost doubling the budget (4.6B). KIC CEOs, KIC Chairmen, EIT and DG EAC have worked closely together amongst others thought joint letters to the most relevant commissioners Navracsics, Moedas, Katainen.

On June 7, the Commission issued its' EU Horizon Europe (FP 9) draft proposal with a 3B budget for the EIT. While we are happy to see the EIT firmly embedded in Horizon Europe with an increased budget, we feel that we should be able to convince the core stakeholders (EU Parliament, EU members states, Commission) that a further increase of the EIT budget is justified based on the achievements and impact so far.

Now the Commission has presented its proposal, EU member states and EU Parliament will provide their reaction. It is therefore important that we as a community act at both parliament and national level to convince member states and parliament to propose to further increase the EIT budget.

As the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, the EIT is at the hearth of the European innovation strategy. The EIT has put a very ambitious strategic plan on the table how it can play a key role to achieve Europe’s ambition to drastically increase its innovation power. This agenda is built on the fact that the EIT is the only fully integrated instrument that successfully: builds and orchestrates Europe-wide ecosystems; deeply connects science to innovation via its knowledge triangle (Education, Research, Business); builds innovation and skills in an integrated manner; addresses the global challenges via its KICs (Climate, Digital, Energy, Industry, Food, …); and developed a regional innovation strategy that is now being deployed.

Finally for the EIT Digital community there is further good news. The commission has proposed for the first time a Digital Program with a total budget of a 9.2B addressing Super Computers (2.7B), AI (2.5B), Cybersecurity (2B), Digital Skills (700M) and Digital Technology use in economy and society (1.3B). The massive investment in Digital will provide numerous opportunities for our community to increase the scale and impact of our activities and contribute to our sustainability strategy through the possibilities it offers to source additional financial support for our work.


Results from EIT Digital Innovation and Education Call 2019

More than 130 proposals have been submitted with strong support from 150 partners. The submissions are being reviewed with a response due in early July.

Independent experts and the Management Committee will be reviewing 134 proposals at the end of June thanks to the successful launch of the Innovation and Education Call 2019. The Call received strong support from our partners with 150 submissions coming from our network.

A total of 107 Innovation Activity proposals were submitted for consideration, broken down as follows:

  • Digital Infrastructure: 21typo3/#_msocom_2
  • Digital Industry: 32
  • Digital Wellbeing: 17
  • Digital Cities: 25
  • Digital Finance: 12

On the Education side, 27 proposals were submitted, with the following breakdown:

  • Master School: 9
  • Professional School: 15
  • Summer Schools: 3

The proposals should expect a response by early July.

ARISE Venture Program selects winning projects in Balkans

15 starts ups are participating in the ARISE Europe Venture Program designed to help startups develop and finalise a minimum viable product.

Selected startups from Bulgaria to Solvenia are taking part in the ARISE Europe’s Venture Program this summer following a successful call for entries.

The selected projects are:

For East Balkans:

  • Embiots
  • Orderstate
  • Scoop Rewarding
  • HireFlows
  • Bagsquad
  • Eliminatore
  • Quarioo
  • EasyDoc.bg

For West Balkans:

  • Simple Luxuries
  • New Evangelization
  • WB Digital Team
  • Gasper Kos
  • Kiimoapp
  • OrdeX
  • Milos Jokic

Aimed to help startups to develop their businesses and finalise their minimum viable products, up to €15,000 has been made available to the winners.

The businesses will now receive training in entrepreneurial skills at a two-day bootcamp as well as business mentoring.

The program is equity based (7%) and executed in two Regional Editions delivered by Innovation Partners of EIT Digital ABC Accelerator and Found.ation.

Fabio Pianesi, head of external partnerships at EIT Digital, said: "This is a great opportunity to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the region and in Europe with the best talents based in the Balkans."

EIT Digital Italy opens a new Satellite location in Milan

EIT Digital Italy opens a new Satellite location in Milan

The new centre is housed in the heart of the city’s industrial district close to the headquarters of EIT Digital partner Cefriel, and will focus on Industry 4.0 activities.

In line with the strategy to focus more on the Digital Industry Action Line, EIT Digital Italy has opened its Milan Satellite centre to the city’s industrial district.

The new centre is located in the same building that houses EIT Digital's partner Cefriel, in Viale Sarca 226. The move to larger, more modern spaces will make it easier to intensify operations in the city, while continuing to work in synergy with the Italian Node’s Trento headquarters.

"We are entering a new phase of our presence in Milan," said Node Director, Gian Mario Maggio. "The fact we have moved to a new location in the heart of the city's industrial district is in line with our overall strategy, which envisages focusing more on the Digital Industry."

Save the date: 11 & 12 September 2018 - EIT Digital Conference & Partner Event

More than 30 keynote speakers, 45 innovation pods, 13 start ups - and your chance to be part of it. Sign up today.

Now in its third year, EIT Digital is excited to be bringing experts and opinion leaders from around the world, alongside decision makers, innovators, startups and scaleups to Brussels, for its annual conference.

Running alonside the conference is our exhibition, offering you an inspiring walk through the digital landscape - drawn from EIT Digital's five innovation activities and scaleups, bringing digital solutions to market. Those eager to learn more as digital professionals, and organisations looking for highly competent digital specialists will be able to visit EIT Digital's Academy Zone.

Be a part of it

In order to best spread the word among your own innovation communities, we would like to ask you to add an e-mail banner to your signature. Let’s grow the EIT Digital ecosystem together. Your contribution would be greatly appreciated.

The banner can be downloaded here. Thank you very much for your support.

EIT Digital Conference
EIT Digital Partner Event

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Three new companies jump onboard the Digital Accelerator

Three new companies jump onboard the Digital Accelerator

EIT Digital Accelerator welcomes Indexima from France, Germany’s MatchX and RebelRoam from Estonia to our business scaleup service.

Since the our last issue, EIT Digital Accelerator has welcomed three new scaleups. They are:

Indexima (France)
Located between data sources and analytic solutions (Tableau, Excel, SAP, BO, QLIK, etc) Indexima allows users to drill the entire set of Big Data with an instant dashboard display, searching tens of billions of rows in just a few milliseconds.

MatchX (Germany)
MatchX is developing superior LPWAN (Low-Power-Wide-Area-Network) hardware, offering heavy-duty sensors with long-range, low-power consumption and long battery life. Additionally MatchX has built a cloud service, as well as an in-depth data reporting tool, helping companies and end-users to measure and analyse their devices data.

RebelRoam (Estonia)
RebelRoam helps transportation and travel companies to reduce costs and improve user experience of inflight/on-board Wi-Fi, by filtering, shaping and accelerating network traffic with its proprietary RebelRocket data traffic optimisation service.

Europe is Deep Tech: 200 Scaleups in the Running for the EIT Digital Challenge 2018

For the consecutive fifth year, the EIT Digital Challenge called for the best European deep tech scaleups in order to accelerate their international growth.

200 tech companies from 24 countries accepted the challenge and submitted their digital technologies in a bid to win Europe’s ambitious scaleup competition. The best 25 of them will be invited to a final event in Brussels in October where an international expert jury will select the winners.

Since it started in 2014, the EIT Digital Challenge has received more than 1800 entries from all 28 EU countries – a truly pan-European competition. It grew from a contest for early stage startups to a challenge for successful growth-stage startups – so called scaleups – that are ready to expand their business internationally. On average, the 2018 applicants achieved a revenue of €610,000 last year, have already raised funds of more than €2M already and have 21 employees.


EIT Digital Professional School and Berkeley Executive Education co-host Cybersecurity 360° for Executives programme

EIT Digital Professional School and Berkeley Executive Education co-host Cybersecurity 360° for Executives programme

Unique two-week face-to-face programme in October, showing senior management the best European and US strategies to managing cyber resilience.

The hot topic of cybersecurity is the subject of a joint exec program designed by the EIT Digital Professional School and Berkeley Haas School of Business. Taking place in two locations, participants will learn how to design a 360° cybersecurity strategy using the best US and European approaches from both industry and academic fields. It is open to all managers involved in technologies, regardless of their background.

The first week at the Berkeley campus on October 1-5 will focus on online, platform and cloud services. The second week takes place in Munich on October 15-19, where participants will explore cybersecurity issues and solutions related to network, manufacturing, and hardware.

Look out for more details of the programme content in the next newsletter.

In the meantime, for more information, please visit: https://professionalschool.eitdigital.eu/course-portfolio/cybersecurity-360-for-executives/ or contact the Professional School at info-psl@eitdigital.eu.

Take a digital step forward this summer at EIT Digital Academy Summer Schools

Take a digital step forward this summer at EIT Digital Academy Summer Schools

EIT Digital Academy will be welcoming professionals at 10 summer schools on digital transformation.

This year’s Summer Schools programme follows a successful series of pilot trials in previous years, where professionals have learned from and collaborated with EIT Digital Master School students. Now Anders Flodstrom, EIT Digital Academy Director, says, "We want to offer all professionals this unique learning experience."

For Dr Roland Clarke, CEO of an energy consultancy firm in Barbados, joining Master School students for two weeks at last year's Digital Finance Summer School was inspirational. "The students, who have a technology background that I do not have, are a bonus of the Summer School. When we worked in groups, they elaborated more on the very high level lessons. Here, you will learn the skills to evolve your business using digital transformation."


Success Stories

Meet Sharbel Dahlan and Teemu Moisala

Meet Sharable Dahlan and Teemu Moisala

Digital Master School graduate Sharbel Dahlan and Futurice CEO Teemu Moisala share their experiences of EIT Digital’s education programme.

Sharbel Dahlan: "I want to solve real-life problems"

At the same time as Sharbel Dahlan arrived in Sweden to start his EIT Digital Master School course, his cousin arrived from Syria as a war refugee. Dahlan had travelled for about six hours; it took his cousin 15 days. The war of his motherland inspired Dahlan to work on innovations to help refugees. He dedicated his Master School thesis to the topic.

"Their plight inspired me. The idea only arose at the EIT Digital Summer School, when a friend wanted to team up and create a solution to help refugees. We worked on that, pitched our idea and won the business challenge. That triggered the idea that this subject could be worth working on some more. That is why I decided to make it a subject for my master thesis."


Teemu Moisala: "Industrial doctorates perfectly fit in"

The concept of industrial doctorates is, according to Futurice Finland CEO Teemu Moisala, a smart response to a changing world. "You can directly apply academic thinking and frameworks to customer cases."

Moisala says this from experience, as an EIT Digital industrial doctorate joined his firm in September last year. "We are deep diving into areas to strengthen our knowledge and apply this to the business as quickly as possible. The industrial doctorate strengthens Futurice's consultancy power."


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