Yet another network at the edges

A Kickstarter project aims at creating a local wifi network to share data among smartphones. Credit: Iluun

Wandering through Kickstarter I found the Iluun project. Basically, it is a flash pen, coming in various sizes from 32 to 128GB, that has the capability to create a local WiFI area network. This local network can link up to 8 devices to access data stored in the flash pen.

The inventors are targeting a March 2017 delivery, so the product is on the finishing line. Per sé it is nothing out of the blue, flash pens are now commonplace (you get them for free at any event...) and WiFI dongle are not unusual too.

The interesting part, at least to me, is the idea of using a flash pen as a "cloud", although a very small one both in terms of storage capacity and access. I can easily imagine this kind of local cloud becoming a wearable, powered by smart fabric, and acting as a personal cloud.

With 5G knocking at the door we are going to see more and more local networks providing connectivity among devices, sensors, screens. More and more data are the important stuff and these (personal) data can be shared in personal clouds.

Author - Roberto Saracco

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