Why did they called it Morpheus?

Sony’s Project Morpheus. Credit: Sony

When I was young Morpheus used to be the god of dreams and in order to dream you need to be sleeping (well, unless you count day-dreaming...).  And this project from Sony is designed to keep you fully awake. Probably the old Morpheus is not the one being referred to, but rather the character in the Matrix... 

What Sony has presented at the GDC 2014 Conference (you can see the recording of the presentation in the clip below) is a virtual reality immersive goggle that challenges the Oculus Rift as a head mounted display. In a way it may be seen as less powerful (it has a narrower field of view, 90° vs 110°) but according to Sony President of SCE its integration with the Playstation 4 will provide a great and seamless immersive experience to gamers. 

And this is the target according to Sony.  
I have to confess being a little perplexed. Even in gaming I like to share, having a friend looking at what I am doing or myself looking at him playing. The idea of being immersed -and segregated- from the world does not appeal to me. But alas, I am pretty old and surely not part of Sony target audience.

I can imagine myself wearing those devices only for brief moments to explore some landscapes. So far the ones I tried did not trick me into believing I really was in a real space. They all felt awkward and a bit cumbersome without delivering a truly experience of a real world. I guess the screen resolution will have to move up to 4k (here it is HD resolution) to trick our eyes (and brain). But that would require much faster processing. Just a matter of a few more years though...

Author - Roberto Saracco

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