Who did it?

Who painted this image? Was it a human or a computer? Credit:

OK, this may be just for fun, but it is Saturday, right?

I run into a test where you have to guess between two images which one was painted by a human being and which is the one painted by a computer.

You have to try for yourself, there is a series of image pairs and you just have to click on the one painted by a human being.

Of course what is really interesting is that it is not easy (at least for me) to decide which is which. For each single pair of images I had to think quite a bit and in the end I clicked but without any strong reasons for choosing one against the other.

The computer panted images have been painted by applying a neural algorithm that can provide an "artistic style". I am no expert in paintings but I have to say that my doubts on which was which gave me a strong feeling that this algorithm works pretty well!

If you wonder how I did, well, I did pretty well: I got it right 7 out of 10 times, but I would attribute the result to "pure luck". I was really undecided on all pairs and found no convincing telltale signs that one particular image was produced by a computer.

I find this really interesting since it shows the kind of activities a computer can perform, into areas that were considered to be human domain only. I am seeing examples in other areas with similar characteristics like writing poetrycomposing music, or replacing a journalist ... 

Amazing, and scaring too.

Author - Roberto Saracco

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