What's wrong with your touch?

LatentGesture continuously monitors how a user taps and swipes a mobile device. If the movements don’t match the owner’s tendencies, the system recognizes the differences and can be programmed to lock the device. Credit: Georgia Institute of Technology

It is not me, nor one of your friend asking the question. It might be your tablet or your cell phone if Georgia Tech researchers have their saying...

At Georgia Tech a group of researchers have developed LatentGesture, an app that works in background in your cell phone and in your tablet and over time creates an ever more precise digital signature of your way of touching (clicking, swiping) the screen of your device.

Suppose someone steals your device. Even if he has been able to get your password, may be looking over your shoulders as you were typing it, he is not going to swipe the same way you do, or click the same way you do and the LatentGesture app will realise that something is wrong and can block the usage of the device.

What I find interesting is that we are progressing in considering the user as a person and identifying him as such, the same way we identify our friends when we meet them. The road to get rid of all passwords is still long but I am confident that by the end of this decade alternative, more seamless, ways of authenticating our identity and making our transactions more secure will be a reality.

Looking forward to it.

Author - Roberto Saracco

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