What happened in the last minute on Internet?

The number of ...everything happening on the Internet is just beyond our capability to grasp. And most of it is happening through mobile devices. 2 billion emails were opened on mobile devices in the last hour. Credit:

The smartphone has become THE way to connect to the web (this week is probably seeing the sale of the iPhone number 1 billion!). It  is actually no news, we felt  that was the outcome of the easiness in connection brought by the iPhone and its later siblings. Ericsson has been saying that for a while so, seeing the hard numbers shouldn’t be a surprise to no-one. Yet, I am surprised when I see the degree to which we are using the smartphone as highlighted by the most recent mobile statistics.


In just one minute, through smartphone access, there have been:


  • over one million Google searches bringing Google 50,000$ in Ads,
  • 16 million Whatsapp messages are exchanged containing 500,000 photos
  • 33.3 million emails are read on a mobile device, 13 million SMS are sent
  • 33 million people use Facebook Messenger, over 2 million videos are watched on Facebook
  • 500,000 photos are shared on Snapchat and 50,000 pictures are uploaded on Instagram
  • 1 million Tinder swipes with over 16,000 Tinder matches
  • 2 million webpages are shared on WeChat moments
  • 2,700 new smartphones are sold (600 of them are Samsung, 429 are Apple)
  • 2,663 products are bought on Amazon (using a phone)
  • 1,388 rides are booked on Uber and 420 on Grab
  • 1,000 jobs are viewed on Linkedin, generating 30 applications
  • 50,000$ generated by mobile gaming
  • 133.3 thousand mobile payment using Paypal in US $

All of the above creates a transmission flow over the internet that exceeds 143,500 GB of traffic involving mobile networks (that is 6.2 Exabytes per month in 2016).

A lot, isn’t it? And yet, we have just begun!

Author - Roberto Saracco

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