Wearable temp monitor, do you want it?

The TempTraq is now available at a 24,99$ tag price. Not cheap. Credit: Blue Spark Technologies

Among the thousands (20,000?) products announced at CES there is TempTraq, a patch that can monitor the body temperature and send the data to an app on your phone.

As you can see in the commercial video clip, it has been designed having in mind parents with an infant child that need to monitor its temperature.  This is something that is done today with a thermometer, and there are a few types of them available. 

Blue Spark Technologies, the producer of the patch, claims that this patch would relieve parents from the anxiety of taking the temperature to a crying infant. The patch can be placed under the arm of the infant, it is soft and does not bother her. Additionally, it provides continuous monitoring and one can set thresholds in the smart phone app to raise an alarm if temp rises too much.

It is disposable, which means that you can use it only once, for a period of 24h. And at 24,99$ does not come cheap. 
I wonder who is willing to pay that much for taking the temperature. I can imagine a few specific situations where continuous temp monitoring is important and hence this would come handy but for most cases I guess the old fashion thermometer would do.

Of course, price is going to drop over time and it might reach a point where it becomes affordable (the price goes below the level of perception). This will happen for many wearables, and over the next decade we will see more and more of them becoming commonplace to the point we will no longer notice them.

However, the reason I decided to post this news is because of the comments I found associated to the videoclip.

Take a few moments to look at them. Most are negative. People are reacting by saying that there is really no use for such a thing, that it is going to grow parents' anxiety by reporting on their baby temp...

Other are saying that there is really no need for substituting existing thermometers, that one should not be "lazy"...

Now, I have to say that I share similar feelings, and yet, I cannot help remembering my grandmother telling my mom there was no need to get a washing machine, hand-washing was not a big deal after all, and then I remember my mom telling me when I got married that it didn't make sense to get a dishwasher, it was quicker to do the dishes by hand.

History seems to repeat itself...

Author - Roberto Saracco

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