Unicorns are growing, particularly in the software area...

Relative numbers of start up companies that are exceeding 1B$ valuation. Software companies take the upper hand. Additionally, companies that have software at the core of their processes follow suit. Credit: Goldman Sachs

Evolution of ranking of top companies for market capitalisation. Notice how software and software related companies are in the top tiers. Credit: Bloomberg

I stepped onto a nice collection of financial related infographics, 21 one of them to be precise, produced, or assembled, by Goldman Sachs.

Among these let me mention two infographics that are in a way related: the Unicorns distribution and the top companies by market capitalisation.

The first one shows the number of Unicorns (start up companies with a valuation over 1B$) in different market segments. Interestingly, the market segments with the higher number of Unicorns are Software, Consumer Internet and eCommerce. And all the three are very much software based. Good to know that EIT Digital is exactly covering these market segments!

Financial services is fourth and Healthcare fifth. Also interesting the fact that Unicorns in the energy sectors are real Unicorns, that is very rare!

In a way connected is the second infographic, showing the evolution in the ranking of top companies over the last ten years. Here again looking at 2015 we see in the first positions software companies: three in the first three and five in the first ten!

Ten year ago there was just one in the first 10 (Microsoft at the third place, same ranking in 2015).

Energy used to take the first positions but this year the two companies related to energy, Exxon and General Electrics have fallen down in the ranking.

Indeed software is taking the upper hand!

Author - Roberto Saracco

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