This is amazing!

CENTR an incredible 360° digital videocamera with 4k resolution at a 300$ price!

If you are interested in innovation, as you surely are if you follow my blog, you should spend some time on Kickstarter and browse what people are trying to do. You'll get a glimpse on humans ingenuity and sometimes you stumble onto something that is really amazing, like this: CENTR.

It is a small doughnut you can rest on the palm of your hand, or actually, as they suggest, fit on your index finger that you will raise over your head for a 360° unobstructed view of the surrounding. 

CENTR contains 4 digital videocam, each capturing clips at 4k resolution, 60 frames per second. A software stitches the clips into a single 360° panorama that can be viewed with a special application and can also be navigated on your cell phone with a software they provide.

Impressive specs in a tiny device, don't you agree?

And now, the amazing part: it is offered at a price of 300$ to people that participate to the Kickstarter fund raising. They are asking for 900,000$ and with 8 days to go they have seen 512,097 pledged!

How can you possibly dream such a technology condensate at such a price?

I don't know about the final image quality but just being able to create such an object at such a price point is a tremendous starting point. And even if the quality is not excellent (not because of resolution of course but because of the rendering process and the tremendous processing power needed to process 4 4k video streams in real time) you can be sure that it will just be a matter of time to see quality increase beyond your wildest dreams.

I think I'm going to pledge for one...

Author - Roberto Saracco

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