Technology can be cuddling ...

The model of a Teddy Bear sketched on a computer screen is transferred to a 3D printer to get a huggable Teddy Bear. Credits: Carnegie Mellon University and Disney Research Pittsburgh.

A few 3D printed loudspeakers. Credit: Disney

When I read this news I though it was not really high tech, nothing to compare with plasmons I wrote about just few days ago and so I decided it was not worth reporting. Then, curiosity led me to look at the video clip associated to it, and I decided that once in a while news like this are good for my post, so here it is!

Disney researchers, along with researchers at Carnegie Mellon, have invented a 3D printer that can print soft object that you have sketched on a computer.

The printer is a mixture of 3D printing with a sewing machine. You feed it with yarn and under the direction of a computer the printer creates a 3D object that is soft, exactly how a Teddy Bear should be.

You can also "wrap" the soft Teddy Bear skin around a more rigid core, and you can insert parts, including electronic chips and circuits to give voice and movement to the Teddy Bear.

It is nice to see technology put to a good use...

In addition, Disney researchers have invented a way to print loudspeakers using a 3D printer. In this way loudspeakers can have any form you might desire making your fantasy come true. You may want to take a look at the video clip here.

Author - Roberto Saracco

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