Start-up recommendations, to avoid start-up fails

1. Have fun! When you don’t have fun, stop immediately.

2. Talk with (potential) customers: every day, day in, day out

3. Focus on launching customers (the first 3 or first 10,000). The earlier you involve potential customers in the R&D process the better.

4. Rule-of-thumb: spend 1 euro for marketing for every euro you spend in R&D / developing your products / services

5. Try to set up a revenue model with recurring revenues

6. The lower the thresholds the easier to get new customers

7. Test your business plan with Business Model Testing (Customer Validation)

8. People with commercial skills (proven past sales successes) in the management team is necessary

9. A formal launch with a press release can fasten-up the market entry

10. Listen to start-up veterans and experienced start-up coaches

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