Social Media are pink

Happy Women's Day. Cartoon Credit:

It is March 8th, time for celebrating the other half of the sky. 
Women are taking the upper hand in Social Media. 

According to Pew Report on the Demographic of Social Media among people connected to Internet 77% of women are on Facebook 44% are on Pinterest and 31% on Instagram. Compare with 66% 16% and 24% respectively of men. 

What I also find interesting is to see that the percentage of men and women on Linkedin is basically the same (24% vs 23%).

These figures are for US but they are not very different from world statistics. 

The gender distribution in the world blogosphere sees again women slightly ahead (50,9 vs 49,1).

It looks like the digital society is much more balanced than the society of atoms. One more reason to keep working, as EIT Digital is doing, to further develop the world of bits.

Happy women's day!

Author - Roberto Saracco

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