Selfies sophistication just moved up one notch

Creating a selfie video with a drone and an app. Credit: Neurala

Neurala has just released an app, both on IOs and Android, that can provide face recognition capabilities to drones so that they can follow a specific person and keep videotaping him.

Take a look at the video clip.

Neurala is a Boston based robotic company having among its clients NASA and the US Air force.  What is amazing is that capabilities that used to be very expensive are now made available to the mass market.

With the Neurala application you can instruct basically any drone, the ones you can now get for a few hundred bucks at any toy store, to follow a specific person. The idea is that you instruct the drone, through this app, to recognise your face and then you can let it go and start doing your things knowing that the drone will keep looking at your face and keep tracking you. You get guarantee selfies all day long!

Whether this is something you absolutely need or something you can leave without it is up to you.

For me the interesting stuff is the sophisticated technology that is coming to the mass market.

The software is based on AI, deep learning, for facial image recognition. Once the app has been notified of the face it has to track it will analyse the images coming from the drone camera and will send the appropriate flying command to the drone to keep that face within the camera scope. One can also instruct the way the camera should track the face to create more artistic, interesting clips. Rather than keeping the face is a specific point in the image the app can move the drone around, still keeping the camera pointed at you, but with the drones describing an arc to get a more interesting scene.

Artificial intelligence, deep learning, face recognition, flight path calculation and drone auto pilot features: all of this for 4.99$. And till January 10th 2016, you can get it for 0.99$. Can you see why I am "amazed"?

Author - Roberto Saracco

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