See what I see ...

The new Spectacles can record a 10 seconds video clip that you can share on SnapChat. Credit: Snap Inc

SnapChat, recently rebranded as Snap Inc, is about to release a fashionable pair of glasses, Spectacles, that would let you record little snippets of what you see (10 seconds each).

The Spectacles have a video camera embedded in their frame, right by your eyes, so that it will capture exactly what your eyes are seeing (the camera lens covers 115 degrees and that is just about what your eyes field of view is).  To activate the camera you just tap on the Spectacles frame and it will start recording for ten seconds. Tap once more and it will continue for 10 seconds more, and so on.

Spectacles send the clip to your Snapchat app, in the Memory section to let you decide later on if you want that "memory" to be shared to your community.

The nice thing is that you don't need to hold a video camera in your hand, you just keep doing what you are doing.  I also appreciate the presence of a ring of LEDs that will blink to let people know that Spectacles are recording...

Spectacles have a price tag around 130$, 1/10 of what Google Glasses cost and this can make it much more acceptable by youngsters. Of course it remains to be seen if taking clips can become an acceptable "social behaviour".  For sure taking pictures is now part of many people way of living.

Author - Roberto Saracco

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