Roadmap for graphene

Roadmap for graphene and 2d materials science and technology. Credit: Graphene Flagship

The European Flagship Program "Graphene" has published a very interesting roadmap on graphene: what researchers, academia and industry expect to work on, and deliver, in the coming 8 years (the end of the program is 2024).

The roadmap, appearing on the Nanoscale magazine of the Royal Society of Chemistry, is a must read if you are interested in what is going on and what is expected in terms of commercial use from graphene. Clearly it will be an evolving roadmap but already now it contains very specific indications on the variety of application fields where graphene can replace today's technologies and the impact it might have.

One point that is interesting is that the basic industrial technologies that are being studied to create a manufacturing process with low cost high yield is only up to a certain point specific to graphene. The challenges to be solved are the creation and further manipulation of a one atom thick layer of graphene and solving this provides solution to the manufacturing of other one atom thick layer substances, like molybdenum bisulphate. These other substances are called GRMs (Graphene Related Materials) and they are likely to revolutionise many areas along with graphene.

The industrial manufacturing process is probably what will make or break the commercial exploitation of graphene. We already know how to demonstrate a transistor based graphene (or a diode, or a photo-converter, or an insulating surface) but those demos need an industrially sound manufacturing process to have an impact anche change our life.

Author - Roberto Saracco

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