Remotising the father ....

First baby birth attended by remote through immersive reality. Credit: Screenshot by Michelle Starr/CNET

This news is about something that happened in February, I just run onto it, and I wonder if it might be an anticipation of the future (hope not....)

A couple in Australia were 4,000 km away from each other and yet managed to live the birth of their third son together through technology.

Alison and Jace were awaiting for their 3rd son when Jace was sent by his company to work in a remote area in Australia, a mining field. The distance made tricky the possibility to fly back on a short notice so with the help of Samsung Jace and Alison planned for a back up plan that actually was put to service.

Samsung installed a few cameras at the hospital delivery room in Perth and provided with Telstra a connection to Chinchilla, in Queensland. There Jace had an immersive reality goggle that allowed him to get the feeling of being right there by his wife's side.

It was not just seeing as being there. He could converse with his wife and with doctors and nurses.  The baby was born on February 20th, 2015. Plan B worked out well. 

Nice to have, but still try to make a normal Plan A working...

Author - Roberto Saracco

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