No end in sight!

The new SD 512 GB by SanDisk

And here we go again. SanDisk has unveiled their new SD Card with 512 GB storage capacity, the largest one ... so far.

It was 2003, 11 years ago, that SanDisk unveiled the amazing SD Card with a 512 MB capacity, and a speed of 2.8MB per second, and all of us were duly impressed by that. 11 years 1,000 fold increase in capacity (with a tag price of 800$). That is doubling the capacity every single year!  The cost of the 512 MB card in 2003 was 166$, now you can find it on Amazon for 3$, so its price has decreased by 80 fold (taking inflation into account). IN the same period the speed has increased 40 times (the new card has a 95MB per second transfer rate).

And it is not the end! According to semiconductor industry roadmaps we should expect 8TB SD Cards in the next decade (that actually represents a slowing down of the pace of evolution...).

What is also amazing is that SunDisk has written in its press release that the new high capacity card has been designed "to meet" the needs of professional users, underlying the fact that there is "a need" for these huge capacities.

Indeed, the advent of 4k video is increasing the demand of transfer speed and of capacity. Nevertheless one still find amazing this unrelenting evolution.

Author - Roberto Saracco

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