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I have been writing posts on the evolution of technology and its implication on economy and our life since 2008 using the Future Centre blog. Starting today I will continue to ponder on the interplay of technology evolution and economics, social life and most important ourselves on this space of the EIT ICT LABS that has been graciously placed at my disposal.

As it happened for the hosting provided by Telecom Italia Future Centre, the opinion that I express are not necessarily the ones of the EIT ICT LABS, actually, in most cases they may diverge. So I take personal responsibility on what I write, and relieve from any responsibility the EIT ICT LABS as a whole and the MarCom team, in charge for communications, in particular.

The goal is to stimulate a global, but personal, thinking on the impact of technology evolution. Your comments are most welcome.

I have enjoyed publishing in the Future Centre space, and I am pleased today to start publishing on the EIT ICT LABS space. I will try to connect my thoughts more to innovation and market, something that is at the core of the EIT ICT LABS mission, although,  as it happened for my posts at the Future Centre I will continue to be driven by curiosity and, often, amazement at the ingenuity of researchers and scientists.

The EIT ICT LABS is the place where Europe is betting on "creating" the Future, by bringing research results to the marketplace. I was told that research is a tool that transform money into knowledge, whilst innovation is a tool that transform knowledge into money. EIT ICT LABS is probably 20% about research and 80% about innovation (my figures, on the back of the napkin). Hence a perfect place to land my thoughts in form of posts.

I will try to link each post to some of the areas addressed by the EIT ICT LABS, but this should be taken more as a general proximity, not as something that is actually being pursued within that area (action line in EIT ICT LABS parlance).



Author - Roberto Saracco

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