Moving into large scale graphene production

Graphene-polymer fiber. Credit: ORNL

Researchers all over the world are busy to find an industrial grade production process to deliver graphene in large quantity at an affordable cost. Europe has set up one of its flagship projects to investigate all potential applications of graphene and to find ways to manufacture it.

At the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tenn. US, researchers have found a method based on chemical vapour deposition that has allowed them to create graphene on layers of polymer.

With this method they have created 2x2 inches square of graphene, showing for the first time its properties at a "normal" scale, whilst so far the properties of graphene have been experimented only at the micro scale.

The 2x2 inches square can be combined to create larger surfaces, and they envision the scaling up happening in the short term.  Previous methods resulted in graphene flakes difficult to combine in larger assembly. Their method, on the contrary, is designed for scaling up.

We are basically in synch with the roadmap foreseeing industrial application of graphene by the end of this decade and full blown commercialisation in the next decade.

Author - Roberto Saracco

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