Movie theatre on wheels

The Ford patent to transform a car into a movie theatre. Credit: Ford Motor Company

OK, it looks like we won't be driving our car in twenty years time (ten years for the "over" optimists). So the question is: what will we do in the car as we are taken from home to the office or to the country home?

Well, Ford Motor Company feel we can spend that time by looking a movie and to do that in the best possibile environment they are proposing to change the car into a movie theatre on wheels.

They have submitted a patent for an Autonomous Vehicle Entertainment Centre

Once the car takes over and self drive to destination you can relax, a screen drops to cover the windshield, the seats move back a bit and recline and a projector brings you the movie to spend the time to destination. I can easily imagine (that was not in the patent) that a software will match the movie length with the expected time to destination so that you don't run the risk of missing the last part of the thriller because you have reached the destination before the movie is over.

Now, speaking about the thriller. How thrilled are you likely to feel, when you are in a moving couch with no perception of what is going on outside? Well, one might say that it is what is already happening today when you are flying over the ocean watching a movie and the plane is very likely flown on "auto pilot". Still, you are confident that the pilots are there...

With a self driving car we will need to get used to trust it ... completely. That will take  some time, at least for elderly people like myself.

Anyhow, it is interesting to see that car manufacturers are already starting to think at what kind of biz they will be in once car will be self driving and speed, acceleration will no longer be factors influencing the buyer.

Author - Roberto Saracco

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