Love from above

Drones are generating a broad new industry and are finding unexpected applications, like in wedding photography. Credit: Dynnex Drones

Just two weeks ago I published a post on a new way of taking selfies by using a micro drone and I noted how drones are now fuelling a fast growing industry.

Now I stumbled onto the news that there are many wedding photographers that have started to offer the recording of the wedding day from the point of view of a drone, or, as BuzzFeed notes: "Love from above". They even go one step forward by providing a number of advice on drone wedding photography.

It is interesting to see how a new technology/product can rapidly spread invading fields that were probably not considered by those who "invented" the new stuff.

All together this spread creates a sort of common culture, a habit about the new that makes it feel as normal. This is a big step in the transformation of innovation into familiar landscape. It is a crucial step, moving from the wow factor to the invisible presence. 

For drones we are still at the "wow" factor, and actually wedding photographers are starting to offer weddings from a drone viewpoint (look at the clip) leveraging on the wow factor. At the same time this is contributing to make drones more pervasive and an ever more usual participant in our environment.

Author - Roberto Saracco

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