It looks like I am most active between noon and 1 pm…

Statistics on my use of mails with Google in July 2016. Credit: Google

I was looking at the Gmail Meter that is providing me statistical info on my email activities and noticed that my response pick is between noon and 1pm (the times you see in the chart are New York times, so you need to add 6 hours).  

According to that my average time to respond to an email is 1h 54’, not too bad considering that I also sleep, once in a while, and that increases my response time since I am receiving mails basically at any time in the day and night (thanks to people writing to me from US and Asia – 98% of the mails I receive are coming from outside of Italy).

This is just a snapshot of my correspondence since it is capturing the traffic on m Google account, whilst the lion share of my mails are related to my job account….

Interesting to see what I am doing, as monitored by Google.  I can go back to my activities involving Google services (including Youtube) by looking at Google My Activity.


Google knows so much about each of us as persons and as part of communities. Check it out in this nice infograph.

Author - Roberto Saracco

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