I'll print your pizza right away!

A pizza printed by BeeHex. Credit: BeeHex Inc.

Innovation can tale many forms. In 1889 Raffaele Esposito in Naples prepared flat breads for her Majesties Umberto and Margherita who were visiting the city. Just to play safe he prepared three versions with different toppings. Margherita favoured one with the Italian flag colours made of tomato, mozzarella and basil. In her honour Raffaele named the "pizza Margherita".

Flat breads go back to thousands of years ago. A significant innovation happened in the XVII century when in Southern Italy some people started to use crushed tomato to put on the flat bread. Tomato was new to Europeans, having been "imported" from Americas, and to most it was considered poisonous. That made tomatoes cheap and they become food for the poor. 

Raffaele innovation was more "marketing" related than else.

But now we are on the brink of a new innovation: robot made pizza. Welcome BeeHex, a US start up that has created, with NASA funding, a robot that can print food, including pizza.

NASA is interested in ways of preparing food in long space voyages and having on board a robot that can print food on command comes handy.

The robot can customise each food to the specific person taste. You like it a bit more salty, less your pleasure, I can print.

And don't fool yourself by thinking this is just for interplanetary travel. Aluminium foils were invented at NASA request to go to the Moon. And now they are a standard feature in our kitchens.

Not sure if Raffaele would approve of this innovation, but it shows the shift towards robotisation that is happening.

Author - Roberto Saracco

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